Bull City Fit is an exciting and engaging program located in Durham, North Carolina! Bull City Fit is open six days a week and offers a wide variety of activities for children and their families to enjoy together! From soccer, to yoga, to cooking and gardening, you name it, Bull City Fit has got it!

ENERGIZE! is an awesome program that is based in Wake County! It allows for families to connect with ongoing opportunities in their own community. The classes are interactive and family based. ENERGIZE! has tons of exciting activities for families to participate in together such as Zumba, dodgeball, and more! 


Fayetteville Fit is a new and upcoming program located in Fayetteville, North Carolina! There is no other program in Fayetteville of this kind; this program offers a sense of security to all children who join. There is no judgement here, just the opportunity to improve oneself!

MARCHES is a free wellness program located in Richmond county and Montgomery county! Here you can enjoy sports, games, cooking, gardening, and more! MARCHES will help you and your family adapt to healthier lifestyles! 

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